An Easier and Healthier Type of Lawn Care

Have you ever thought about going “natural” with your lawn? Essentially, Natural Lawn Care is a way of caring for your lawn without using synthetic chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. It means you use natural fertilizers and organic means of dealing with pests.

Natural Lawn Care

You can use a few natural lawn care methods or you can go “all the way” and have a lawn that is “given back” to nature and not maintained artificially at all.  There are many benefits associated with natural lawn care. Here are a few.

It’s Healthier

If you stop spraying your lawn with chemicals every season, your lawn will be free of these dubious substances. This may make your whole family, including the family dog, healthier in the long run. It is healthier for the environment, too – lawns that are not doused with chemicals are lawns that do not shed these chemicals into the surrounding ecosystem and water supply each time it rains.

Also, caring for your lawn naturally usually results in lush, green grass that is healthier. Healthy grass absorbs more carbon dioxide from the air and puts out more oxygen.

You’ll Save Water

One way of engaging in natural lawn care is to set up a rain barrel to provide water for your lawn. Even if you don’t, you may find that you water a naturally-maintained yard less often, because the grass is healthier, longer, and able to withstand dry conditions better.

Natural Lawn

Maintaining a Natural Lawn is Easier

As you engage in natural lawn care, you may find it’s a lot easier. There is less mowing involved, for one thing; natural lawns are generally allowed to grow to four inches or more. You can use your grass clippings as mulch, and you won’t have the added chore of pouring on synthetic fertilizer and pesticides.

It Saves Money

Synthetic chemicals cost money. If you switch to natural lawn care, you will no longer be paying annually for chemical treatments and sprays.


If you go “all the way” with your natural lawn care and decide to let nature take over, you will find weeds setting in. Many of these so-called weeds are valuable plants that are important to the surrounding ecosystem. Some of them are even edible or medicinal, too.

You’ll Attract Beneficial Insects and Birds

A lawn that is cared for naturally will tend to attract wildlife, especially bees and birds. These important members of the ecosystem appreciate a sanctuary that is free from chemicals and where there is suitable habitat.

Ladybug on Grass

There are many good reasons to go natural with your lawn. Have you tried it?

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