Five Great Things to Grow for First Time Vegetable Growers

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is far easier to accomplish than you might imagine. With a few seeds and sets you can get your garden growing for very little money and in next to no time.

Growing Vegetables

If you are completely new to vegetable gardening, here are five easy crops that are perfect for those who want to give it a go without splashing right in at the deep end.


Lettuce is so easy and quick to grow and you can grow it just about anywhere. Even if you only have a windowsill’s space to play with, you can still grow a few cut-and-come-again lettuces that will keep you in salads over a long period of time – as long as you keep re-sowing part of the space every couple of weeks.

Lettuce Garden

There are lettuces to suit all sorts of climates and environments and for all times of year – just make sure that you choose the right variety for your purposes and you are good to go.


Radishes are another quick and very easy crop that can be grown alongside your lettuces. The fastest growing varieties can be ready to eat in as little as a month-to-six-weeks after you sow the seeds. Just sow little and often for a continuous crop from spring to late summer. If you want, you can leave a couple of radishes in the ground and let them go to seed. The seed pods, while they are still green, are a delicious bonus crop. Plus then you can easily save some seeds, once they have fully matured and dried, to plant again next year.


Potatoes are easy to grow in the garden or in a grow bag or other container on the patio. You can plant some first earlies and then some main-crop potatoes and if you plant enough you can have home grown potatoes for you and your family for most of the year. Simply plant the seed potatoes, cover over and earth up again a couple of times while the plants are growing and you can have the fun and satisfaction of feeling for those potatoes beneath the ground and growing this useful and versatile household staple. You can’t really go wrong.


Growing onions from seed may be a little trickier but growing onions from sets (little baby onions bulbs) is really, really simple. Simply stick the sets into the ground with their tops appearing above the soil and wait for them to grow.

Onion Bulbs


Garden peas are another really, really easy crop to grow. Sow the seeds and watch the little pea shoots grappling onto the pea stick supports you have provided. Kids and adults alike will love the taste of peas fresh from the pods. In fact, plant plenty as a lot of peas can often disappear mysteriously before they even make it to the kitchen!

Grow what you like to eat, learn on the job, observe and adjust. You will be surprised by how fun growing your own food, or at least some of it, can be.


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